Are rental cars unsafe?

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These Surfbouncers really know how to sweet-talk a girl

One of the first questions I ask when someone needs help is: Could I see the correspondence between you and the company? When Steven Price showed me his back-and-forth between with a company called Surfbouncer, I was speechless.

Is this enough compensation? Denied boarding because of bogus visa problem, but his luggage went to China anyway

If you though your last trip was bad, you might want to talk with James Liu before complaining about it.

Is my insurance claim lost in translation?

Suzanne Baxter's husband falls ill on a trip to China, forcing the couple to file a claim on their travel insurance policy. Three months later, there's no sign of the money and the Baxters feel as if the insurance company is stringing them along. Are they? And if so, is there anything they can do?