I missed my brother’s wedding and now I’m missing my refund

Ronnee Schweizer's flight to the Virgin Islands is canceled, and when her online agency issues a refund, part of the money is missing. How does she get it back?

Hey, where’s the rest of my refund?

After a flight cancellation, Ronnee Schweizer asks her online travel agency for a refund. But eight months later, she's still owed $330. Now what?

Maybe I won’t be home for Christmas

Michael Burz books two tickets with CheapOair -- tickets that it confirms repeatedly. Now the online agency says he has no tickets, and wants him to buy new ones. Is that his only option?

A one-year wait for an Air One refund

How long is too long to wait for a refund from your airline? If you said one year, then maybe you know Dani Lind, who spent more than 12 months waiting for Air One to refund $670. How could that have been prevented?

सहयोग गर्नुस्! Stranded in Kathmandu after my online agent canceled my ticket

Jack Vanesko thought the instructions to the online agents at CheapOair were clear: They were supposed to cancel his traveling companion's flight from New Delhi to Lhasa. Instead, they canceled both tickets.

“We feel pressured to refund the ticket costs”

When a company does one of its customers wrong, the last person to feel bad for it is usually me. But this CheapOair case has left me deeply conflicted. It involves William Bensinger's flight from Seattle to Antalya, Turkey -- a flight that didn't happen for reasons beyond his control. And beyond the control of his online travel agency.

“CheapoAir made my mother cry”

And they were not tears of joy at having found a bargain. Elizabeth Hutton's mother, Mary Ellyn, bought a round trip ticket from Cincinnati to Tallinn, Estonia, with stopovers in Newark and Stockholm. But something was wrong with the reservation, and she had to pay for another flight.