Does travel insurance have too many exceptions?

Catherine Markland assumes her travel insurance policy will cover her canceled tour. But it doesn't. Can her trip be saved?

Ridiculous or not? Hotels eye airline-like rebooking fees

I'm always on the lookout for new fees, so when Katherine Walton emailed me about her recent stay at the Chateau Timberline, a hotel in Packwood, Wash., she had my attention.

The Travel Troubleshooter: Why do I have to pay a $477 cancellation fee?

When Beulah Saideman accidentally books the wrong W hotel through Cheaptickets.com, she finds a $477 cancellation fee on her credit card bill. The W insists it didn’t charge the fee. Can Saideman get her money back?

She had a stroke and can’t fly — should her airline waive the $150 change fee?

And now, a follow-up to yesterday's post about reservation change fees. Passengers are upset about these surcharges, which often reduce the value of their ticket credit to just a few dollars. Airline apologists call the fees a "proven revenue model" that will continue for as long as people fly.

“Misunderstanding” leads to partial hotel refund after volcano

And the volcano stories just keep on coming. Earlier this week, we heard from a couple stranded in Portugal. Today let's turn to a hotel guest.

London hotel takes a hard line on stranded air traveler’s refund request

Yotel is a Japanese-style capsule hotel at London's Heathrow airport. It won the Business Travel World Award for best accommodations -- a fact that its managers repeat endlessly in their email signatures. But volcanic eruptions? Not their problem.

Starwood tweaks onerous cancellation policy after customers compare it to airlines

When Stewart Sheinfeld redeemed 10,000 Starwood points for a night at the W Chicago Lakeshore, he found a strange new rule at the bottom of his confirmation. It said if he canceled his room after 6 p.m. on the day of his arrival, he wouldn't just lose his points -- he'd also have to pay $689.