My honeymoon photos are ruined — thanks a lot, Target!

The camera Tristan Caulfield and his wife bought at Target for their honeymoon doesn't work, but the retailer is giving the couple a runaround in their effort to get it fixed. Is this camera a lost cause?

A flight attendant took my camera and I want it back

Haijun Shan's camera is missing -- forcibly gate-checked on a recent flight. The camera isn't covered under the airline's contract. Is Shan out of luck?

What’s your problem? A black mark against Sony for losing my camera

Thomas Hill's camera is lost in the mail. Not our fault, says Sony -- take this up with Federal Express. Is Sony really off the hook?
By |September 26th, 2011|OYS|10 Comments|

Great idea! US government to require rear-mounted video cameras in cars by 2014

I almost ran over my daughter.

“Royal Caribbean should change its name to Pirates of the Caribbean”

A word of warning to anyone taking a cruse: Don't trust anyone with your valuables.

Want better customer service? Look to your inner journalist

The ticket agent just threw the book in your face. The hotel clerk gave you a firm "no." The rental agent shook his head when you asked for a car. Paging Edward R. Murrow.
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