The car rental industry’s day of reckoning may be close

The car rental industry is in trouble. And this time, it can't be fixed by quietly settling out of court with their customers or lobbying a few state lawmakers.

My rental car is a “gasoline bomb” — am I entitled to a refund?

Nothing extraordinary happened when Paul Candia rented a car from Budget in New York recently. There's no frivolous damage claim, no extra fee, not even a rude employee to complain about.

Budget threatens customer with lawsuit, garnishment after he questions damage claim

Just in case you thought my recent critique of the car rental industry’s damage claims practices was over the top -- and I assure you, it wasn’t -- let me introduce you to Jonathan Kiluk.

Are car rental companies forcing you to buy insurance you don’t need?

When Todd Ramsdell's wife rents a car from Budget, she's told insurance is required. But it isn't, and now she wants her money back. Why isn't Budget budging?

The Travel Troubleshooter: Broadsided by mandatory car rental insurance

When she books a rental car through Expedia in Tel Aviv, Israel, Marissa Barashi is led to believe her rate includes all mandatory charges. It doesn't. She must buy insurance, too. Is Expedia responsible for the extra fee?

Sounds like a scam: Budget Ireland bills me for a new clutch, but I only drove a few clicks

Renting a car in Europe can take some getting used to for the average American visitor. The vehicles are smaller. Gas is more expensive. And most of the cars have manual transmissions.

Can this trip be saved? Budget wants $8,381 for a four-day rental

I've seen high car rental bills, but the one Fareeda Elqatto just got from Budget is in a class by itself.