Yes, I have a blacklist. Can you guess who’s on it?

It started with a seemingly harmless question left on my personal Facebook page.

I’ve heard your comments and here’s what I’ve done

Wow, what a week it’s been! First, a little good news: After an internal site redesign, which optimized some databases […]

5,000 posts — here are the top 5

5,000 posts. That’s a remarkable milestone, considering that most of the posts are stories that take days, even months, to […]

A few very important comments about your comments

Thank you.

Should I delete this story?

One of the things I love about new media is that there's a "delete" button. If you screw up a blog post, you can always go back and fix it -- or erase the entire thing.

Who do you think you are?

Spend a little time driving America's Interstate highways, and you'll get to know all the characters that make their homes on the road.

Please nominate your favorite travel blogging personality

Who's your favorite travel blogger?
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