Another day, another Dollar damage claim

Joel Drucker rented a Mazda 2 from Dollar Rent A Car during his recent stay in Los Angeles. The rental was completely uneventful and he returned the car without a scratch, he says.

So why is Dollar insisting he complete a vehicle incident report?
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Did Avis bill us by accident after our accident?

Shirley Mohamed’s 87-year-old husband had a car accident last spring. Fortunately, their insurance covered the cost of renting a car from Avis.

Hartford Insurance paid Avis two checks for a total of $1,500.

But then something happened between the insurance company and Avis. The car rental company apparently hasn’t cashed the insurance checks and instead is billing the Mohamed’s American Express an additional $832.
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Shame on you, Verizon

Ken Slusher and his girlfriend need to resolve a $2 million Verizon bill, or his home purchase may fall through.

That’s no misprint.

Two. Million. Dollars.
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How would you like to lose $2 billion?

American companies are about to lose nearly $2 billion.

It’s not money added to the national deficit. It’s not personal 401(k)’s unraveling. It’s not even about the stock market.

It’s basketball. March Madness, to be exact.
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Six months later, Dollar wants me to pay $808

Talk about a late bill.

Six months ago, Les Baker rented a car from Dollar Rent A Car in St. Louis. The car experienced a “mechanical problem” and wouldn’t start. Now, the car rental company wants him to pay $808 for alleged damage to the vehicle.

If he doesn’t pay up, it threatened to report him to a collection agency.
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