This case can’t be solved: They charged $5,900 for a one-way ticket in economy class to fly to my mother’s funeral

Walk-up fares are some of the most flexible — and pricey — airline tickets. But corner any airline employee at a party, and they’ll admit these super-high, unrestricted fares, which are purchased at the last minute, are meant to be paid by business travelers on an expense account.

Not passengers like Dina Bennett. And yet South African Airlines charged her $5,900 for a one-way, economy class ticket from Namibia back to San Diego, so she could attend her mother’s funeral recently.

Bennett though she’d get to fly in business class, at that price. But she had to sit in the back of the plane. And that doesn’t sit right with her.
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“It was never my intention to cheat Continental Airlines out of any money”

Lori Kaufman didn’t mean to play the system. She just wanted to reschedule her flight so she could attend her grandmother’s funeral.

In the process, Continental Airlines ended up dinging her for a total of $954 — more than twice what she’d originally paid for the tickets. It also failed to tell her it would be billing her credit card that much, she says.

Kaufman thinks the airline should return some of the money.
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