Did Avis bill us by accident after our accident?

Shirley Mohamed’s 87-year-old husband had a car accident last spring. Fortunately, their insurance covered the cost of renting a car from Avis.

Hartford Insurance paid Avis two checks for a total of $1,500.

But then something happened between the insurance company and Avis. The car rental company apparently hasn’t cashed the insurance checks and instead is billing the Mohamed’s American Express an additional $832.
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Look out! Here comes electronic fuel metering

Karen Freeman thought that she’d returned her Chrysler 200 Sedan to the Richmond airport with a full tank. She thought wrong.

“An agent noted that the tank was full,” says Freeman, an architect from Atlanta. The gauge also registered that the tank was at capacity, she says.

But a few days later, when she reviewed her credit card bill, she discovered that Avis had charged her an extra $7.43 for 0.8 gallons of gas, or about $9.29 per gallon. She called the company to complain.

“A representative told me that according to a satellite, when I picked up my car, it had 16.9 gallons in it,” she says. “And when I returned it, it had 16.1 gallons. I checked the ticket from pickup and there’s no mention of the fuel quantity other than ‘G8’ — which means full.”
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