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    What happened to my travel industry – and how do I get it back?

What happened to my travel industry – and how do I get it back?

Glen Brewer is an unashamed railroad enthusiast. He runs a website that specializes in 19th century trains. And that made […]

Amtrak goes off the rails for some passengers

The complimentary amenity kits on Amtrak’s Empire Builder service from Chicago to Portland and Seattle and Coast Starlight from Los […]

Amtrak takes a page from airlines, raises luggage fees

Amtrak is raising its luggage fees on Sept. 10, the national rail carrier disclosed on its website today.

No refund for derailed Amtrak trip

David Battas exits his first-class train halfway through the trip after numerous problems and decides to fly to his destination. He wants a refund from Amtrak. But is he entitled to one?

Black mold in my Amtrak cabin — how about a refund?

Here's a case where a ticket contract and the reality of an experience find themselves on a head-on collision of sorts. And I'm kinda in the middle.

The Travel Troubleshooter: Help, my Amtrak tickets were accidentally canceled

Mel Jung’s Amtrak tickets are canceled accidentally, and he’s forced to pay a $236 for a new ticket. No one is taking the responsibility for the error. Is he stuck with the higher fare?

Case dismissed: A vacation headed down the wrong track

Lynn Prater missed her train.