Kicked out of two frequent flier programs at once — now what?

Carlos Conde is a longtime AAdvantage member, traveling weekly for work and often for leisure, as well. He’d racked up 600,000 miles, 16 eVIP upgrades and had executive platinum status.

He was also a US Airways dividend miles member with elite status.

When the two airlines merged, Conde’s programs were combined into a new AAdvantage account with all miles, status and upgrades. But last month, he was contacted by American Airlines’ “corporate security” department and notified that he had been expelled from not one, but both programs, with virtually no recourse for appeal.
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A first-class ruse on American Airlines?

Bonnie Meyers booked what seemed like a great deal on an American Airlines flight from Chicago to Punta Cana during the Christmas break, and in first class, no less.

The operative words being “what seemed like.”

When she got to the gate, guess what? No first class seats.
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Hey American Airlines, this food isn’t kosher!

When Allen Feiglin booked first class seats for his wife and himself on a flight with American Airlines, he expected a full-service experience.

He didn’t get one. Feiglin flew from Baltimore to Los Angeles, and when he tried to arrange for special kosher meals, the airline said they weren’t being offered.

So much for first class.
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