The Travel Troubleshooter: Help! I paid twice for my all-inclusive vacation

Esther Mikula thought she booked an all-inclusive hotel in Aruba. But when she checks in, she discovers that the rate doesn't include food, beverages and activities, as promised. Now she has to pay extra. Is she owed a refund?

An all-inclusive hotel that wasn’t

Vanessa Thompson checks into what she thinks is an all-inclusive hotel before her cruise. Then she discovers she doesn't have a reservation. When she's allowed in, she discovers there's nothing all-inclusive about her room. Is she entitled to a refund?

Worst. Honeymoon. Ever.

Adam Salamon's honeymoon did not go well.

Revenge at sea: 5 ways passengers are getting even with cruise lines

Cruising isn’t what it used to be. Just ask Steve Roberts, who recently sailed from Costa Maya, Mexico, to Nassau, Bahamas on the Carnival Glory. Although his floating vacation was billed as an “all inclusive” experience, Roberts found it was anything but that.

Travel agent backs resort that broadsided customer with mandatory “under 25″ fee, until …

If you're under 25, you're in for an unpleasant surprise when you check into the Oasis Cancun, a pyramid-like, all-inclusive resort on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula: a mandatory "under 25" fee of $54. And they don't take "no" for an answer. When Ryan Plaxsun, 24, recently checked into the hotel, he was told to pony up the cash -- or leave.

Does anyone know if this is a scam?

The all-inclusive Mexico vacation fax scam is nothing new. Is this one -- or not?

Beware of this Cancun all-inclusive fax scam

You already know that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. But clever scammers also know that you have an "override" button. Like invoking a well-known travel brand. Or using the name of a trusted media outlet.