Help, my AirTran tickets expired — is my money gone forever?

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Before Donna Adams was scheduled to fly from Orlando to Indianapolis on AirTran back in 2010, she hurt her back and had to cancel her trip. When she discovered her condition was a lot worse than she thought, she had to postpone the new flight she’d booked with her ticket credit.

“An MRI confirmed that I had herniated a disc in my back,” she says. “After several courses of physical therapy, chiropractic care, therapeutic massage, oral steroids and anti-inflammatory steroid injections I elected to have surgery.”
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Buh-bye, bag fees? What the Southwest-AirTran merger really means for passengers

This morning’s big news — some observers have even called it “shocking” — is that discount carriers Southwest Airlines and AirTran Airways are headed to the altar in a $1.4 billion merger.

I’ve already received numerous questions about what this will mean for passengers. The answer? It’s a good news/bad news situation, probably.

But let’s begin with a short video (above) from earlier this year, when Southwest took aim at AirTran for its baggage fees. This was part of a series of commercials in which Southwest tweaked its bride-to-be. Funny, how things change. They must have known back then that a merger was a possibility. And yet …
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Two airline sites hit “reboot” — but is it for the better?

I usually leave the stories about site redesigns to my capable friends over at Tnooz, but during the last 24 hours I’ve caught wind of two airline site upgrades (at least that’s what they’re calling it) that could affect your next trip.

If you fly on Spirit Airlines or AirTran Airways, that is.

But before I get to that, I wanted to also mention that the airline fee site I wrote about a few weeks ago, TruPrice, is launching today.
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The ticket refund that took forever and a day

Nine months isn’t the longest someone has had to wait for an airline ticket refund, but for Chris Dich, it was long enough, thanks very much. (I’ve had cases that took two years.)

His online travel agency promised it would take “two to three billing cycles” at best. Didn’t happen.

Dich’s story is a reminder that you can do everything right and still get stuck in a holding pattern. Getting un-stuck isn’t easy.
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Here’s a receipt for your airline ticket (PS, you don’t have a ticket)

tranDoris Weller booked a set of roundtrip tickets from Wichita, Kan., to Houston on AirTran recently. Her husband, Lawrence, needed to be in Houston for an important medical treatment. The airline sent her a confirmation.

But it wasn’t the kind of confirmation she expected. On closer examination — which, unfortunately, didn’t happen until the couple arrived at the airport — it became clear that AirTran had sent her a notice that her credit card had been declined.

Result: the Wellers had to buy another set of tickets for $1,588.

Should AirTran refund the difference between the original tickets and the higher, walk-up fare?
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