Why cut-rate carriers are (still) your favorite

Discount carriers used to be the darlings of air travelers, if not travel columnists. With low fares and high standards of customer service, what wasn’t to like? That was then. This is now.

Airline deathwatch: place your bets, please

Now that Frontier Airlines has filed for bankruptcy protection, it's time to get serious about a game we bloggers haven't played since 2002. It's called airline deathwatch.

5 sexiest in-flight safety videos ever

In-flight safety videos are big news, thanks to Delta Air Lines' spiced-up preflight announcements. So as a public service, I've reviewed the five sexiest in-flight safety videos online.

Good grief! 3 tales of compassion-less customer service

Here at the travel industry's unofficial complaints department, we count on having a day or two off, Good Friday being one of them. Not this year. Here are three recent stories of compassion-less customer service that arrived in the "in" box on what was supposed to be our "off" day.

Ticked off skiers launch grassroots effort to lift new baggage fees

They may be a little late to the game, but then again, the first skiers who will probably be hit by these fees won't see them until this summer (winter in South American ski resorts like Valle Nevado and Cerro Catedral). But a group of skiers is protesting the planned second-bag surcharge that United Airlines and US Airways have announced, hoping to enlist scuba divers, golfers and parents with strollers to their cause.

“We’ve had a lot of cracks about the whole inspection thing”

If you really want to understand how the Southwest Airlines safety scandal is affecting passengers and employees, there’s only one thing to do. Get on a flight and strike up a conversation with a crewmember. Which is exactly what I did this morning.

Dear AARP, please take a stand on the airline mergers

In an earlier blog posting, I wondered why membership organizations with large numbers of air travelers aren't taking a stand against the coming wave of airline mergers. And so did Eric Voth, an AARP member who wrote to his organization to ask why it wasn't using its considerable lobbying clout to block these corporate unions that would almost certainly hurt its constituents. You might be surprised by AARP's answer.