“This has been a long, long ordeal”

Wayne Brumett wanted to take his family on a Disney vacation, and he spared no expense. In May, he purchased six first-class round-trip tickets on American Airlines between Sacramento and Orlando, at a price of more than $9,700. He planned to travel with his wife, son, daughter-in-law and two grandkids.
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What if restaurants were run like airlines?

If you’ve booked an airline ticket recently, then you already know about its bizarre, counterintuitive rules. A round-trip ticket costs less than a one-way ticket. Change fees can be higher than the fare. Your miles don’t even belong to you.
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Which United Airlines case should we take? The canceled cruise vs. the flight delay

From time to time, we’re overloaded with complaints about one company and have to choose between several deserving cases. Only so many hours in the day.

It’s not always an easy decision. And that’s where we find ourselves with Jessica Jeong and Kathryn Linstromerg, both of whom have claims against United Airlines.

We’ll take one of these cases to the airline. But you have to tell us which one.
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“How can this be legal?”

For some reason, passengers still think they’re being scammed by airlines when it comes to seat assignments.

They feel that way despite all the helpful comments from industry insiders who say the flying public should just read the fine print when they book a ticket. And they feel that way despite the argument that charging extra for seat assignments represents the free market at its best.
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