“How can this be legal?”

For some reason, passengers still think they’re being scammed by airlines when it comes to seat assignments.

They feel that way despite all the helpful comments from industry insiders who say the flying public should just read the fine print when they book a ticket. And they feel that way despite the argument that charging extra for seat assignments represents the free market at its best.
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Is there a cure for the upselling epidemic?

Airlines do it by quietly restricting the terms on their tickets. Cruise lines resort to good old-fashioned salesmanship. And the entire travel industry does it better, thanks to sophisticated software.

It’s called the “upsell” — and yes, it’s completely out of control.

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Hell hath no fury like a passenger scorned?

Is this a plane cabin or a cage match?

That’s the question I’d have been asking myself on-board the JetBlue flight to New York as I watched two women brawling, one armed with a can of pepper spray and the other with a razor and a wicked right hook.

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