Are airlines profiting at your expense?

Why are airlines raking in record profits? Maybe they’re monetizing your personal data — selling your name, address and phone […]

Should I participate in a travel loyalty program?

Thinking of becoming a frequent flier or frequent stayer? Here’s what you need to know before you do.

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    Should I send these Rube Goldberg ticket cases to the recycler?

Should I send these Rube Goldberg ticket cases to the recycler?

My head is spinning after reading Amy Zimmerman’s complaint about Aeroplan, Turkish Air and Swiss.

Two cheers for all those airline mergers

When I think about the benefits of airline mergers, I’m reminded of Karen Griffin’s story.

Should I check my bag or carry it on the plane?

The ability to check a bag used to be included in your airline ticket. Not anymore. Here’s my advice.

The one rule your airline hates the most

If there’s one regulation that airlines hate more than anything, it’s the 24-hour rule.

How airlines plan to have their way with fare disclosure

The U.S. House of Representatives’ suspension calendar is an unlikely ground zero for a midsummer battle over airline ticket advertising. […]

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