Bill aims to scuttle new airfare pricing rule

Enjoy the government’s new airfare rule. It might not last.

Stop obsessing over airfares, and buy now

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Holland America kept 100 percent of my airfare — can it do that?

Cruise refunds. There, didn't your blood pressure just go up? Mine sure did.

The airline industry is profitable again — really profitable — and here’s one reason why

In a word: fees. Lots and lots of fees.

If it’s changed 2,472,916 times since January, no wonder we need a site like Yapta

The most volatile airline ticket prices in America are between Atlanta and Las Vegas, a new survey by Yapta has found. Fares between those cities changed an astonishing 2,472,916 times since the beginning of the year. That's roughly once every six seconds.

The low airfare that vanishes in a click

Now you see it. Now you don't. When you're airfare shopping, attractive prices can vanish in a split second.

Airfare increases? What airfare increases?

Time for a little reality check. Everyone is screaming about the unprecedented rise in airfares. Well, everyone is wrong.