Warning! These “free” travel offers can really cost you

The travel industry is infatuated with the word “free,” and face it, so are travelers. Don’t believe me? Then feel […]

Is this story a fake? 5 ways you can tell

Not a day seems to go by that I don't receive an email that commends me for my "well-written" site and asks, "Do you accept sponsored content and if so, how much you charge?"

How to be a travel blogger: And now, a few words about money

Let's talk about money.

The truth about the government’s new “full fare” disclosure rule

When you get a fare quote from an airline or online agency, you should expect to pay that price. Right?

Proposed government rule would force airlines to disclose “full price” of tickets

Today's sweeping rulemaking proposal by the Transportation Department is so enormous, it can't be analyzed in a single post. But let's not bury the lede as they say in journalism: The government wants to do us all a big favor by requiring airlines to post a "full price" -- including all mandatory fees.

Where’s the sexy lady by the pool? Oh no, it’s a photo fakeout

You don't have to read Federal Trade Commission rulings for a living to enjoy this guilty pleasure.