Hey Amazon, where can I order a 10-foot pole?

By | February 18th, 2016

Uzoma Iwuagwu’s case had a familiar ring to it. There was a canceled Amazon account, money arbitrarily kept by the company, followed by the radio silence.

It left our advocacy team wondering: Where do they sell 10-foot poles on Amazon, and do they offer any discounts for volunteer consumer advocates?

What’s that? Can’t hear ya, Amazon. Are you saying anything?

But seriously, we don’t know what to do. Remember the Thripp case? Of course you do. We had to close the comments down on that one and we almost did it again on the follow-up story. No good deed goes unpunished, it seems.

We don’t know much about Iwuagwu’s case yet. Here’s what we have so far:

Amazon canceled my account in which I have $4,849.77, and they refuse to discuss it. They just stole my money. I am also out of the Prime membership I paid for and have several items I was unable to return that were defective.

In other words, we don’t know if Iwuagwu was engaged in a pernicious practice known as manufactured spending. We don’t know if there was fraud involved. We know next to nothing.

All we know, for now, is that this looks a lot like the Thripp case. And that doesn’t give our team the warm and fuzzies, particularly our lead advocate, Jessica Monsell.

She had the byline on both of the articles about the Thripp case, and some of the commenters were not kind to her. Not at all. I guess that’s what you get for trying to help.

We’re almost afraid to ask Iwuagwu for the paper trail on this one. Who knows what we’ll discover? A massive scheme to run up spending using Amazon gift cards, maybe? Or maybe, nothing? Wouldn’t that be something, if Amazon just shut down an account and confiscated $4,849 for no good reason?

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And isn’t that what we’re here for — to find out?

But some of you will probably be saying: Don’t go there Chris! It’s probably manufactured spending. Iwuagwu must be trying to scam Amazon. Help a customer who really needs it.

But put yourself in the position of this customer. What if your account was closed, your Prime account suspended, and Amazon — or any company, for that matter — told you to go away? Would you want a consumer advocate to turn down your case just because he suspected you were trying to game the system?

And yet here we are, wondering if maybe we should order that 10-foot pole. It could come in handy when we discover the sordid details. Oh, they’ll be sordid. After all, it’s Amazon.

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