Let’s set the Wi-Fi free now!


If it’s 2015, then why are hotel guests still doing something so ’90s, like paying extra for an Internet connection?

Charging for wireless access in the 21st century is as silly as it sounds. An Internet connection is so essential, many guests would sooner do without indoor plumbing, electricity or heat in their room. A 2014 survey by Hotels.com found Wi-Fi was the most desirable in-room amenity.
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Are gift cards ethical?


Seventy-two dollars and sixty-four cents.

That’s how much was on the AMC Theatres gift card my wife found in a grocery store parking lot.

First thought: we scored – let’s go to the movies!

Second thought: I’d sure hate to lose a gift card with $72.46 on it.

What to do?
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Delta bends a rule after daughter’s tragic death

Leonard Zhukovsky / Shutterstock.com

I’m honored to introduce our newest columnist, Andrew Der. His weekly feature is called “The Good News Guy” and it offers a much-needed counterpoint to all the negative stories on this site. I hope you find this feature as uplifting and inspiring as I have.

Too often, airline rules add insult to injury.

If you cancel a flight, for example, they make you pay even more for a new one, assuming the fees and fare differential don’t consume the entire value of your credit. And forget about changing the name on your ticket — it’s not allowed.

But those rules are not written in stone. Thank goodness for that.
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Attention shoppers: beware of the naughty nines

After spending three hours body-checking other shoppers in pursuit of the best prices on a blustery February afternoon, my head’s spinning with numbers — one in particular. When I close my eyes, all I can see are 9s with a leading dot.

Egad! Could a simple, innocent combination of characters be the true source of all my shopping frustration?
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Beware of hoaxers posing as rogue Comcast reps


It started with a message to @Comcastcares, the Twitter account for Comcast’s customer service department.

“Without a doubt the worst customer service I’ve experienced,” wrote Ryon Nishimori. “Google fiber can’t come to Nashville soon enough.”

Turns out Comcast was watching.

But apparently, so was someone else.
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