Are airlines too quick to throw sick passengers off a flight? Maybe not


Note: Today we’re introducing a new feature that we’d like to do as often as we can. We’re calling it “Op-ed” and, as the name suggests, it’s a perspective from the other side of the counter. Please be civil with your comments. Thank you.

The story on the face of it is a complete nightmare — a cancer sufferer with multiple myeloma, who was enjoying a Hawaii vacation with her family, was booted off her return flight on Alaska Airlines because she didn’t have a doctor’s note.

And, a passenger who recorded an exchange on a JetBlue flight between the flight attendant and a different cancer patient was removed from the flight in retaliation for refusing to erase a video of her interaction with the patient.
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Can I get a refund for this missed hotel night?


This winter was long and arduous, especially if you lived in Massachusetts. Thomas and Joyce Dresser were ready for some much-needed fun in the sun.

They booked their escape from Providence to San Juan, with a night in the San Juan airport hotel, and then they were off to Virgin Gorda.

They were supposed to depart February 21 and return a week later. At least that was the plan.
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The TSA is getting it all wrong, and the numbers don’t lie

Arina P Habich /

I can’t imagine anyone disagreeing that security at our airports is essential. That said, in my opinion, TSA’s strategic airport security plan is out of step with the country’s air transportation security needs.

We can readily see that TSA’s security priorities are upside down at best when we examine their budget.
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