Even Apple can’t make a computer to withstand this


After Amy Skopp-Cooper’s recent United Airlines flight reached cruising altitude, she opened her laptop computer to put some final touches on her presentation for a big client. The meeting was important, and so was her presentation.

Along came the flight attendant with her cart of goodies and drinks. And that’s when things started to turn turbulent for Cooper and her Macbook Air.
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Should Congress require airlines to seat families together?


Ever seen families beg, borrow and almost steal to get their young children seated next to them on a flight?

I’ve personally watched as a young mother pleads with a business traveler in the aisle or window seat to switch with her so she could sit closer to her offspring. Unfortunately, the answer was no.

“I paid extra for this seat,” the road warrior will invariably say. “I don’t want to give it up.”

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