An airline seat dispute quickly spirals out of control


Economy class airline seats are small and getting smaller — of that there is no doubt. But if you do have doubts, consider what happened to Sally Rosoff on a recent American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Miami.

Rosoff purchased her economy class seat, believing she’d have an adequate amount of legroom, as she has in the past. But times change. She found herself on a Boeing 777 with about 31 inches of seat “pitch” — a rough measure of leg room.
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Seriously, does that Happy Meal belong on board?


When was the last time you boarded a plane knowing full well that you’d be served a delicious meal?

I’m not talking about a three-plus hour flight in first class. I’m talking about the tourist class, economy, coach — whatever you want to call it. Despite what most airlines are saying, meals onboard are skimpy; that’s IF they even exist.

So, what’s your plan to fend off hunger during a long flight?
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