Is it safe to wire money to a travel company?

Is it safe to wire money to a travel company?

Many travel businesses offer discounts if you pay by wiring cash. But should you? Here’s my take.

Christopher Elliott

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  • Bill___A

    Well said, Chris. Not a good idea to wire money at all.

  • Carver Clark Farrow

    There are plenty of high dollar transactions where wiring is the only means of transacting business. I dealt with a 6 figure wire a couple weeks ago and will deal with a 7 figure one next week. These are of course wires to domestic bank accounts where the businesses are vetted credit cards are not a viable means. Wiring money in a consumer transaction is a very bad idea.

  • PolishKnightUSA

    I rented a high end timeshare in Miami for a wonderful price via Craigslist and paid via paypal. All went well and we had a great trip. He claims that paypal has mechanisms in place to protect buyer and seller. Since you have to get the money out of the account via a bank account, then this helps to create an electronic paper trail as well.

  • jpp42

    Thank you for setting up captions on the video! Although, can I suggest that the captioner consider using punctuation in the future? :)