How do I keep my miles and points from expiring?

How do I keep my miles and points from expiring?
By | August 29th, 2014

Your miles don’t have to expire. Here are a few tips for keeping what you’ve earned.

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  • PsyGuy

    Your really doing a lot better presentation wise Chris.

    I usually buy a magazine subscription with my miles on the airlines I have membership with. Another issue I’d like to bring up is that often in the case of codeshare/alliance flights you have an option to credit your miles to the specific airline you’re flying or a codeshare partner, assuming you flew part of your journey with that airline.

  • MarkKelling

    Southwest points expire after 24 months of inactivity, not 12 as stated in the video. At least that is what the Southwest website states today.

    “In order to keep your Rapid Rewards® account active, you must earn qualifying* Rapid Rewards Points at least once every 24 months. Beginning September 15, 2013, if you have not had earning activity in the last 24 months, your points will be forfeited. However, there are many ways to keep your account active”

  • Carchar

    I still do a lot of flying, but my husband doesn’t. In order to keep his miles from expiring on the one airline he has miles with, I signed my credit card up on the Dining for Miles program. I have no idea what restaurants belong to it, but every so often I check his account status and find that he has earned a few miles and his account expiration date has been extended.