How do I dispute a credit card charge on a travel purchase?

How should I get cash when I’m overseas?
By | March 17th, 2014

Your credit card may protect you against fraudulent travel purchases. Here’s how.

  • bodega3

    Chris, this video doesn’t not relate to the title of your post.

  • Richard


  • Mark

    Whatever the video says or doesn’t say, my answer is, it depends on your home bank. Mine doesn’t charge any fee for using foreign ATMs and many foreign ATMs don’t either. On recent trips to Japan, Taiwan, and China, I got almost pure international rates of exchange at the ATM. In Canada, it’s getting hard to find ATMs that don’t charge a few dollars extra. Most recently I succeeded at an HSBC ATM in Montreal.

  • Sorry about that. I fixed it.

  • Richard Smith

    One of my banks reimburses ATM fees, including international fees. The other is a credit union. Neither one is a TBTF bank (doesn’t have a name like what a dog does to a thrown ball, or initials that are reminiscent of a snake (how appropriate) or including the name of a city in North Dakota.)

    And I get excellent service from both.

  • Mark

    Now we are writing comments on the headline that had nothing to do with the video, and is totally off topic. :) But I also have a small community cooperative bank. Maybe that is the best way to save on fees at the ATM. Chris, it sounds like a good topic.