When it comes to travel advice, who can you trust?

When it comes to travel advice, who can you trust?

Not all “word of mouth” advice is the same. Here are a few thoughts on whose advice you can — and can’t — trust.

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Christopher Elliott

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  • TonyA_says

    Me. :-)

  • Mr. Gumby

    You just focused on telling me not to take advice from people who don’t know me, then you told me to send my questions about travel to “Travel at USA.COM”. I don’t know you Chris and I have to tell you I don’t think I trust your advice.

    I’d suggest listening to anyone who has traveled to where you’re going and take it all in, then have your own adventures. My logic – The food in San Antonio will always be good, Spring in Japan will always be beautiful, and the history of the Holy land is impressive regardless of your religion. Our country and the world is a big beautiful place.

  • jerryatric

    Read extensively if your travelling, speak to people who have been, or travel with a known travel agency with great references. Other than that, fly over & take trains/cars or private city guides & make it a real adventure. We have done it all. BUT as above PREPARE & remember to lower your expectations. You still live in one of the best countries in the world (next to Canada, of course) so don’t try & compare! Most countries have great sights, sounds & smells along with “interesting” food. Others offer a glimpse into history not available in N.A. So pick & go PREPARED

  • bodega3

    My advice is to ask more than one person about a destination, get a travel book, look online and then go with your gut feeling. There is a great property on Kauai that we love. I have read reviews on this property and some people hate it for the exact things that made us enjoy it. Rick Steves doesn’t like Interlaken, Switzerland. We enjoyed it a lot, but then we always get off the main street of any town and explore. Take what anyone says with a grain of salt as we all look at something differently. But the one piece of advice that is never wrong, when you travel, pack your sense of humor. Without it, you will have a miserable time!

  • Pocahontas

    Have been a subscriber at Flyertalk.com for years. As with anything else, you have to take advice there with a grain of salt – but it’s a tremendous resource.