Why would anyone buy these products? WHY? WHY? WHY?

By | February 17th, 2016

I wish I had thought of this: A British man is selling fresh air to people in China. At $116 per jar, Leo De Watts is making thousands.

Is this not one of the most ridiculous things you’ve ever heard of?

Each week I ask, “Is this right?” about some issue in consumerism. This week I don’t think there’s a question of right or wrong. But I did love this story and wanted to bring it to you, our readers.

De Watts has the right to sell air. The thing that’s ridiculous is that people are actually buying it.

The air is “harvested” in large nets in different locations throughout Britain before being sealed in glass jars and readied for shipping. Hundreds of the 20-ounce bottles have sold, and many are headed to Beijing and Shanghai, cities plagued with pollution.

They’re even offering a Chinese New Year Special that includes 15 jars collected from five different locations, and a “luxurious” wicker hamper. Only $1,742, and on sale now for just $1,289.

“The AETHAER project provides clean, fresh and pure natural air in bottled form,” says the company’s website. “The process involves traveling to some of the most beautiful, pristine areas of countryside, far away from industrial pollutants, motorways and impurities, in search of the most immaculate quality of air.”

Some are choosing to enjoy the inhalation of this pure air for a few seconds. Others are buying a bottle for the novelty. Regardless of why, as of last week 180 bottles had been purchased.

Who could resist?


Think anyone would want to buy air from Dallas?

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This story led me to do a little research on other crazy things for sale on the internet. For the friend who has everything, here are some gift ideas:

Breakfast in a snap.
The Nostalgia’s 3-in-1 Breakfast Station gets your morning going with a mini-toaster, removable nonstick griddle plate and a four-cup coffee pot. It’s currently out of stock on Amazon, but will hopefully be available soon for those who need toast, coffee and eggs in a rush.

Everything’s better with bacon.
Apparently it’s fact: Everything is better with bacon. Injured? Bacon bandages will make it better. Need to brush your teeth? Why not use bacon flavored toothpaste? Have a kid? Wrap him in bacon.

How do you know if it’s been licked yet?
A London company, Engine, installed lickable wallpaper in its elevator, inspired by Willy Wonka. You can buy your own lickable wallpaper. My only question: Is there a way to tell which part has already been licked?

There are plenty of other ridiculous products that you can buy online. Some of them make great gag gifts while others may actually serve a purpose that I’m not visionary enough to see.

But if you’re interested, I’d be happy to bottle a fresh jar of Dallas air for you. Just $100 a pop. I’ll even throw in free shipping.

Which of these products is the most ridiculous?

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