Whatever happened to passenger rights?

By | February 3rd, 2012

Remember all that talk about the passenger rights a few years ago? Well, the chickens came home to roost with the likely passage of the FAA Reathorization bill and several new DOT rules, and the news is … well, it’s hard to say for sure. In this Sunday’s Washington Post column, I point out that the DOT rules may be reversed soon, thanks to new legislation. And over at Consumer Traveler, Charlie Leocha is keeping score on the FAA bill.

I’m exploring St. George Island, Fla., this week, a place known for its oysters and solitude (they call this part of Florida the “Forgotten Coast.”) Here’s a little preview of our upcoming reports. The image (above) was taken yesterday at the East Slough in St. George Island State Park. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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Also …

• How badly can you get your wires crossed with your travel agent and airline. Hopefully not this badly. But don’t worry — I can fix this one!

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• A sad “case dismissed” file from the car rental file. Who put this bump in the bumper — and, more importantly, who gets to pay for it? You won’t like the answer.

• Sticking with the car rental theme, here’s a warning on some of the dirty rotten tricks car rental companies play when you rent from them. Plus, how to avoid them.

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  • cjr001

    What happened to all of our rights? Civil rights, passengers rights, consumer rights… all are being systematically removed and trampled upon for the almighty dollar.