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Grannies being strip-searched? Seriously? Oh yes, and I have more on those suspected octogenarian terrorists right here. (You can’t make this stuff up.) Plus, don’t miss this week’s Washington Post column about the hazards of cashless toll roads. And I have the answer to the persistent question: Who moved my cheese?

Burning questions: Have you witnessed a random act of kindness during the holidays, while you’ve been traveling? I’d love to hear your story of a travel employee or fellow traveler going the extra mile during this time of year. Send me a note. Also, please nominate your favorite travel blogging personality.

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American Airlines charges sailor a fee for flight change
“I’m hoping you can help my son with a situation,” Brad Lessem wrote to me a few days ago.

A rescheduled flight — and a lost night at a hotel
David and Dorothy Juergens are looking forward to their fourth Princess cruise next month. There’s just one little problem: Their airline rescheduled their flight, and that messed up their schedule — and cost them money.

There goes $469 down the drain (thanks a lot, Priceline)
Alexa Buffini admits she made an “honest mistake” when she booked her rooms through Priceline and bid for the wrong date. She hoped the company would help her fix it.

Why isn’t anyone mad about car rental fee disclosure?
When it comes to airline fees, there’s no shortage of outrage. The simple mention of the word “ancillary” or “surcharge” in a story is enough to draw hundreds of comments.

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