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In this issue. Kicked off my flight for sleeping with my eyes open, last call for rulemaking comments, and what happened to my Internet connection?

New posts

Last call for consumer comments on proposed new airline rules (The Washington Post)

Kicked off my flight for sleeping with my eyes open (Elliott)

Progressive settles with insurance activist lobbying for call access law (On Your Side)

Wow, airlines sure are collecting a lot of “miscellaneous” fees — like, more than $2 billion (Elliott)

Can this trip be saved? “We just had the worst vacation ever!” (Elliott)

How will a combined Continental-United fare in the customer service department? (Elliott)

Thanks to your help, consumer advocacy isn’t extinct yet (Elliott)

Weekend adventure: At Leu Gardens without a map

Weekend survey: When should an airline or travel agent show the “all-in” price?

Hey, what happened to my Internet connection?

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