What are the little secrets your airline keeps?


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What you need to know this week

What are the little secrets your airline keeps? The government is about to force air carriers to tell you. I explain in my USA Today column.

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The top Twitter traveler is … You’ll never guess. Here are the winners.

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This week’s burning question

Burning question: “Me first” attitudes? In your summer travelers, have you come across any fellow passengers with a “me first” attitude? You know the kind of people who push ahead of you in line, demand VIP treatment and marginalize your needs? I’d love to include your story in an upcoming column.

Bonus question: Increasingly, travel companies are billing their customers for damage to cars and hotels, and the only way to prove the damage existed previously is to show “before” photos. I’m working on story about how to take the most effective photos that will help you prove your innocence, when it comes to these claims. If you’re a shutterbug or know a thing or two about photography, please chime in.

The latest news from Elliott

“It is so unjust to poison someone and get off scot-free”
Lynn Friedman’s daughter, Emma, became violently ill during her family vacation to Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun. When she returned to the States, she was hospitalized for five days.

Who really benefits from “custom” airfares?
Mention a “custom” airfare to Joan Eisenstodt, and she’ll admit that she’s worried.

Has JetBlue changed its stripes?
Jennifer Devereaux is no longer angry at JetBlue Airways for what happened to her 3-year-old daughter, Summer, on a recent flight.

Caught in a loop with Expedia
When Peter Hodges’ flight to Norway is canceled, United promises him a prompt refund. But he never gets it.

Help! DirecTV is holding my TV hostage
After a series of technical problems and a move, Sean Reeves ends up with a DirecTV contract he never asked for. Can he get out of it without paying

“It’s amazing to me that Enterprise can get away with this”
You’ve probably heard Karen Moyer’s story before.

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