Is your favorite airline “faking” it?

Hello from Wrightsville Beach, N.C. We checked into the Holiday Inn Resort here yesterday, and in our first day in town, we’ve seen everything from a WWII battleship to a cool railroad museum in nearby Wilmington. As always, you can read more on our family travel blog, Away is Home.

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This week on Elliott. I have a lot of stories for you this week. First up: Their hotel was closed for the season, so why won’t send them a quick refund? Find out here. Also: How much proof do you need of a hotel cancellation? This guest wishes she’d known. When it comes to social media, which airlines are “faking” it? I try to find out. And this travel agency customer canceled her flight — should she pay for her ticket anyway? I may need a little help with this one.

Elsewhere online. Our “fake” theme continues with my post about United’s efforts to right itself. Are they for real? Plus, is your company lying about its prices? Here’s how to tell. Over at Consumerist, I continue my guest columnist stint by securing a refund for an Asus laptop that never worked. Check out my Newsweek story on the “hidden” cost of airline tickets. In my Washington Post column, I tackle the issue of age discrimination — specifically as it applies to car rental companies. And finally (phew!) in my Huffington Post column, I wonder if you — or I — have become one of the TSA’s unwitting accomplices. Don’t answer until you’ve read it.

On Away is Home. Admit it, you can’t get enough of our year-long trip across the country. Yeah, neither can we! Our Facebook page is buzzing with activity. If you haven’t already “liked” it, please do. You’ll never miss another exciting report. This week, we did a tour of several Smithsonian museums in Washington, including the Museum of the American Indian. We started the week in Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Here’s our report. Also, would you stay at an historic vacation rental? We ask the question — and answer it — on the Huffington Post.

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Have an excellent week, everyone. Safe travels!

Christopher Elliott

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