I can’t believe I fell for that! (+ win a free Boingo account!)

I can’t believe I fell for that! (+ win a free Boingo account!)

Have you ever fallen for a scam? Then you’ll want to read about the six fine-print “gotchas” in this week’s Mint.com column, and my analysis of the latest government numbers on scam complaints that asks, “Who’s really responsible for all these scams?”

But I hope you’ll “fall” for more of this week’s newsletter, which is coming to you live from Gatlinburg, Tenn. (See photo of the view from our cabin, above, and check out the clip of these young bears taken about an hour ago.) It’s amazing.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Lets Fly Cheaper, our newest underwriter. Lets Fly Cheaper specializes in low-fare business and first-class travel to international destinations. Because of their contacts and leading network, they can save customers up to 60 percent on their business- and first class flights. But that’s not the only reason to click on Lets Fly Cheaper. It’s also supporting the consumer advocacy on this site!

Win a free Boingo account. Where’s the strangest place you’ve ever connected to the Internet from? The 10 best answers this week will get a 60-day Boingo trial account 60-day trial and will come with access to the advanced version of its personal VPN! Boingo needs no introduction to readers of this email. I use it; I love the way it seamlessly connects me to WiFi in many public places, and you will too.


• This week’s big discussion: Was this a valid case? Should I have even written something about it?

• My Huffington Post story on the TSA’s cost overruns went kinda viral. See what the fuss was all about.

• Over at the Washington Post, I talk airline fines. Are there enough — or too much? Also, what happened to this passenger’s airline refund? And this guy’s deposit?

By the way, thanks so much for joining me on this adventure. As you probably know, I’m on a road trip with my family this year, and I love sharing photos and stories about our experiences. You can find out more on our family travel blog. See you next week!

Christopher Elliott

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