Got a beef? Don’t count on a tweet

Got a beef? Don’t count on a tweet
By | September 8th, 2012

Good morning! I’m leading off today’s newsletter with my latest National Geographic Traveler column, which debunks a lot of the conventional wisdom about customer service and social media. Here’s the full story. Also, you’ll want to check out my Mint column, in which I help a reader determine whether he should dump his cable provider.

Oregon Trail! We’re leaving tomorrow to follow the Oregon Trail all the way out west. Please tune in to our family travel blog, Away is Home, for the latest adventure. I’ve shared a video Aren made about how we pack. (Every word of it true, of course.)

Thank you, Our underwriters at DeltaPoints offer the very best tips and hints for earning millions of points for vacations you have only dreamed of but never thought you could afford. What’s more, they love good customer service — and that’s why they support this site. Please stop by and sign up for their newsletter.

On Elliott. Let me start with a blast from the past, involving US Airways and a forcibly checked bag. This one has a much better outcome than the one I tried to mediate a decade ago!

Also, this “best rate” guarantee yielded a gift card from Best Western — is that enough? Oh, the commenters came after me on this post about Wells Fargo’s excessive bank fees. Go ahead, pile on! And finally, this parking lot problem needs to be fixed — or does it? Tell me if I should mediate this case.

Elsewhere. In this week’s Washington Post column, I take a hard look at toll charges levied by car rental companies. Are they fair? Tell me what you think. On, I ask if what you see is always what you get in travel, and whether the industry has a problem telling the truth. I also open a can of worms about codesharing. Anyone wanna go fishing?

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Finally, I have a few thoughts about the political conventions and travel security on my Huffington Post column. And for the Republicans who took offense, don’t worry. I’m going to deal with the Dems in this week’s post, now that their platform has been made public.

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Have an excellent week, everyone. Safe travels!