Elliott’s E-Mail: The 6 best airlines in America, avoiding superstorm scams, rude seat recliners

What’s the best airline in America? You voted, and the results are in! Here they are. And there are a few surprises …

Please nominate your favorite travel blogger for next week’s list. The deadline is Tuesday morning. You can email me your nominations.

Is this vacation club a scam? In this week’s Mint.com consumer column, a reader asks if a vacation club is on the up-and-up. Also, as a bonus, I have some tips on avoiding superstorm scams.

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Have you ever edited a wiki? If you’ve ever edited a wiki, have some management experience, and if you care about customer service, please send me a note. I have an exciting new project and I’m looking for wiki editors.

This week. We’re in Kauai today. It’s beautiful, it’s quiet, and (knock on wood) there have been no natural disasters. You can see the latest photos on my Instagram account, and if you use Instagram on your phone, you can follow me at elliottdotorg. We’re still trying to catch up from our Big Island and Maui adventures, but will have more soon.

On Elliott. Is this cruise club a bait and switch scam? Read the story before you answer. In my consumer Q&A column, I answer a question from someone whose Sears purchase didn’t go quite as planned. Should she boycott the department store? Plus, should travel insurance cover a missed tour? I report, and … well, you know the rest.

Most commented post. Anytime you write about airline passengers and seats that lean back too far, you’re going to get comments. Lots of comments. This one is no different. Another post that drew lots of fire involved this ill-fated flight from Kona to Los Angeles. (Sound familiar?)

Elsewhere. In Sunday’s Washington Post column, I examine the great airline fee grab and explain why almost no one is on your side, when it comes to this swindle. And over at the Huffington Post, I tackle the problem of good and evil at the TSA, and what we should do about it.

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Christopher Elliott

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