Elliott’s E-Mail: 5 reasons you should never recline your economy class seat

Who are the best travel bloggers in America? You voted. Here are the top 13.

Please nominate your favorite hotel chain for next week’s list. The deadline is Tuesday morning. You can email me your nominations.

Join me on LinkedIn for a spirited discussion! LinkedIn, which just named me one of its digital “influencers,” has my 5 reasons you shouldn’t lean back your economy class seat. I welcome your comments.

This ticket is bogus. How can you tell? In this week’s Mint.com consumer column, I field a question from a reader about a bogus traffic ticket, and I tell you how to spot a bogus bill. It’s a must-read.

Thank you, Travel Insurance Review. I’m very grateful to the folks over at Travel Insurance Review for their steadfast support of the consumer advocacy work on this site. The next time you need to buy travel insurance, please check out their insurance comparison site for a great rate and the right policy. Your patronage keeps this site running.

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This week. It’s the end of our trip to Hawaii. I’ve started a new feature called “Where’s Chris?” that highlights some of our family adventures. Here’s my dispatch from Ko Olina and a few impressions of our vacation rental. We’re back on the mainland on Tuesday — we take an American Airlines red-eye flight to LA and then fly back to Orlando — and looking forward to being home for the holidays.

On Elliott. If a flight is canceled after you pay a change fee, are you out of luck? Here’s one case I’m considering. What do you think? Also, what should you do if you fell for a “fake” star? I have a few ideas — and so do you.

Also, I just reached the 5,000-post milestone. It only took 14 years. Here are the top 5.

In my consumer Q&A column, I help a customer lift the curse from an afflicted refrigerator. And should travel insurance cover lost frequent flier miles? Read this story before you cast your vote.

Most commented post. His car rental company says his vehicle suffered hail damage and wants to charge him for it. Is this a scam? It may be, but even so, it generated a lot of discussion. Find out what the fuss is all about.

Elsewhere. In Sunday’s Washington Post column, I wonder how much farther airlines can go with their fees. And over at the Huffington Post, explain why I’m opting out of the TSA’s scanners next week, and why you should, too.

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Christopher Elliott

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