Elliott’s E-Mail: When to shame a company — and when to sue

By | July 22nd, 2011

In this issue, I’ll tell you what to do when a company offers substandard service. Should you shame it — or sue? Also, check out a lively discussion on airport parking fees. Find out why we keep coming back for more, even when a company disses us. And mark up our map of the Mediterranean — go on, it’ll be fun!

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Travel posts

The Travel Troubleshooter: I signed the damage form — now they want me to pay
When Leigh Barber returns his rental van to Enterprise, he discovers a small scratch that was overlooked when he picked up the vehicle. He signs a form acknowledging the damage, but with the assurance from a manager that thee scratch can be “buffed out.” Now Enterprise wants him to pay. Does he have to?

Case dismissed: A suburban spat over a Hotwire hotel room
Here’s a relatively common problem with a so-called “opaque” booking site — with a relatively common resolution.

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Ridiculous or not? Airport parking fees start to multiply
Like many travelers, Hal Frost is accustomed to being hit with fees everywhere he goes, from the airport check-in counter to the hotel front desk. But long-term parking used to always be pretty straightforward: the rate he was quoted was the rate he paid.

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Customer service posts

Sue or Shame? What To Do When You Can’t Get What You Want
When a company’s done you wrong and you’ve exhausted all means of recourse, your two final options are going to a court of law or a court of public opinion.

Why Do We Keep Buying from Companies that Diss Us?
Reading between the lines of the latest customer service scores, you’ll find this and other paradoxes.

Raising Prices? 7 Ways to Prevent a Customer Uprising
If you’ve watched the Netflix implosion from afar, here’s some more bad news: It could happen to you too. Unless you read this.

Away is Home

Using Google maps for your next adventure
You sent so many emails and comments about your experiences in Spain and Italy that we decided to open up our My Places Google map to you!