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Virgin America is the newest, and perhaps the most promising, airline startup in years. Its fares are low (for now, at least) and in-flight entertainment offerings are impressive, from onboard instant messaging to first-class seats that deliver massages. It’s almost enough to make you forget about that whole deregulation thing. But I digress. We don’t know enough about Virgin America, because it hasn’t been flying long enough (it took off in August 2007). But we do know enough about its sister carrier, Virgin Atlantic, to make a few educated guesses. First class will almost certainly blow the competition out of the water. Economy class? We’ll see.

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Primary contact

Frances Fiorillo
Head of people and in-flight services
(650) 343-1827

Executives (*)

Ross Bonanno
Vice president of airports and guest services
(650) 343-1827

David Cush
Chief executive officer
(650) 343-1827

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