CSA Travel Protection

CSA Travel Protection is a travel insurance company serving the United States and Canada markets. All packages include CSA’s 24-hour emergency assistance services and a unique Consult a Doctor service that puts travelers in touch with CSA’s network of 30,000 physicians. Other features included in all plans are concierge, and identity theft resolution services.

Policyholders often cite CSA’s bureaucratic and cryptic processes as the company’s biggest flaw. Many customers also stress the possible difficulties of collecting on insurance funds from CSA.

CSA is owned by Europ Assistance USA (EA USA), a worldwide emergency assistance enterprise that forms part of the Europ Assistance Group, in turn owned by Generall Group, a Global 500 Insurance conglomerate. With presence in 208 countries, EA USA offers its services to approximately half of the companies listed in the Fortune 100.

The best way to retrieve information on CSA’s services is to call EA USA’s 24-hour worldwide medical and travel assistance hotline toll free 1-877-243-4135 or 1-866-922-0278. The company also accepts Collect calls at 1-202-974-6480.

Press 1 for Medical or Travel Assistance
Press 2 for Non-Emergency Medical Situations
Press 3 for Identity Theft
Press 4 for Concierge services
Press 5 for Questions about Benefits, Coverage, Policy Purchases or Filing a Claim

After the appropriate category has been selected someone will answer your call shortly. For a speedy service, it is recommended to have your Policy/Reference number, current location, a local telephone number and details of the situation.

5251 Viewridge Court
San Diego, CA 92123

Phone Contacts

Main: (858) 810-2000
Toll Free: (800) 711-1197

Fax (858) 810-2505/2428

Social Media Contacts


Executive Contacts

If you contact the company by email, you should receive a substantive reply within one week. If you don't, it's safe to assume you're being ignored. Before you reach out to one of these managers, please review these FAQs, which will increase the odds of a successful appeal.
Remember to start with the primary contact and work your way up the hierarchy. Don't just start with the CEO.

Primary Contact
Lupe Zepeda
Customer Service Manager
5251 Viewridge Court
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 810-2465

Secondary Contact
Bob Chambers
VP Operations
5251 Viewridge Court
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 810-2026

Chief Executive
Les Maine
Chairman & CEO
5251 Viewridge Court
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 810-2000; x 2033

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