Surprise! Screaming babies on planes isn’t your top annoyance, says survey

By | July 10th, 2009


What could be worse that screaming babies on a plane? Screaming babies in a movie theater, according to a new survey by Baby Orajel teething pain medicine.

Asked in which of the following situations would you least like to encounter a crying baby, a majority — 56 percent — answered “movie theater.”  About a quarter (22 percent) said on a plane, with the balance going to a religious function (12 percent) and restaurant (10 percent).

Among some of the other noteworthy findings:

• Crying babies aren’t nearly as annoying as other loud noises you may encounter during the day. The survey showed that the most frustrating sounds to hear (in order) are: a car alarm (39 percent), jackhammer (28 percent), baby crying (21 percent) and a barking dog (13 percent).

• Parents, who are more accustomed to the sound of cranky infants, are less likely than those without children to get annoyed by the sound of a crying baby. Specifically, 25 percent of non-parents named a baby crying as the most frustrating sound to hear, while only 15 percent of parents stated that in the survey.

I asked the folks at Orajel if they had any thoughts on the low number for planes, which is a favorite topic of this blog’s readers. A spokeswoman had this to say:

Hope you understand that I’m really not at liberty to make a comment about the survey — now, we don’t want to get me in trouble, right?

Of course.