Should airlines disclose fees before you buy your ticket? Survey says …

By | August 23rd, 2010

Yes. Heck, yeah.

Only 6 people out of the initial 812 respondents — just 0.7 percent — said “no.”

These preliminary results are, of course, no surprise whatsoever. I mean, why wouldn’t a business disclose the full price of an item before you buy?

The purpose of this poll is to measure the pain of airline fees, and there’s still time to take part. I’ve embedded the full survey, which is being conducted in cooperation with the Consumer Travel Alliance, below.

You can also follow a link to it here.

It begs a follow-up question or two: At what point in the ticket buying process should the fees be disclosed? At the time of the purchase? When you’re shopping? When you get the initial fare quote?

The comments are open.

Meantime, here’s the survey.