Lost causes, and how not to become one

By | May 21st, 2012

Well, these cupcakes are definitely not a lost cause.

Hey there, welcome to another terrific issue of my weekly newsletter. We’re returning to our Tuesday schedule for the summer, so please start looking for your issue of Elliott’s E-Mail then.

This week, you won’t want to miss my Mint.com post about how to make sure your complaint doesn’t become a lost cause. Also, check out my Washington Post story about one impossible travel insurance claim that I helped save. And, over at Arianna’s site, I wonder about another lost cause — the TSA. What gave them the right to frisk Henry Kissinger, anyway?

Many thanks to my friends at Travel Insurance Review, which offers helpful reviews, articles, and links to help you buy travel insurance. I’m grateful to them for keeping quality consumer journalism alive on the web.

By the way, today’s photo was taken at the food truck festival in Oviedo, Fla., this weekend. We’re home for the next few weeks, and who doesn’t love cupcakes?

What else is on the menu?

Lots of travel-related stuff: How do you communicate when you’re away? I tell you how we do it. Also, can you help this guy decide if he should settle with his car rental company? Plus, look at this non-disparagement clause, which just cost one woman her entire vacation rental deposit.

I have your weekly dose of outrage, of course. Hotel energy fees: are they making a comeback? This passenger’s husband died, but travel insurance didn’t cover her — why not? And she balked at sitting next to a dog, so her airline kicked her off the flight. Is that right?

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Finally, our Away is Home road trip is about to take off for another awesome trip. We’re really excited, because we’ve lined up new sponsors and exciting trips, and we can’t wait to tell you about it!