“It’s a laughing joke that Expedia says they offer great customer service”

By | August 12th, 2010

Last December, Caesar Ho booked a night at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel through Expedia. But when he couldn’t reach the hotel because of inclement weather — snow on the 5 Freeway and dangerous winds on the 101 — he phoned the hotel to see if he could cancel his room.

A hotel representative said he couldn’t help, and that he needed to contact Expedia to cancel his stay. Expedia refused.

Because they were unwilling to do anything, we filed a dispute with our credit card company. Visa investigated the issue and sent a notice to Expedia.com for mediation.

Expedia was given a full 45 days to respond to the dispute, but according to Visa, they received no response from Expedia.com and the case was then closed. We received a notice from Visa stating that our account had been credited the full amount and the case solved.

End of story? Not quite.

Six months later, Ho received a notice from Expedia’s collections agency, RMS, billing him $131.

Upon receiving this notice, we sent RMS a letter stating that we do not accept this charge and that it had already been disputed and solved. We also send a handwritten letter to Expedia regarding the matter.

Both letters were met with zero response from either company. RMS simply sent another two collection notices with zero explanation and Expedia ignored our correspondence.

Finally, RMS sent him a notice saying that his account had been formally sent to it for collection. Ho made several efforts to contact Expedia in writing and by phone, but was told there was nothing the company could do. He had only one choice: to pay up.

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Ho is at his wits’ end.

It’s a laughing joke that Expedia says they offer great customer service. I thought they were a great company, but I’m just disappointed in their response – or lack thereof. They’ve offered zero help on all accounts and have ignored our written letters.

They did nothing when the account was disputed and waited six months to send a collection agency to harass us. Not only have they wasted countless hours of our time, they’ve also lost this family’s business. If a written letter of complaint doesn’t get through to them, I’m not sure what will.

Well, I’m willing to try. I contacted Expedia on his behalf. Here’s what it had to say in its response to Ho:

Our records show that on December 12, 2009, you contacted our representatives to inquire about cancelling your reservation at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco, California for that evening and the possibility of receiving a refund. At the time of purchase, your itinerary stated that any cancellations less than 72 hours prior to check-in would incur a hotel-imposed penalty equal to 100% cost of stay.

When plans change for any reason, including extenuating circumstances, hotels often do not make exceptions to the policies they state. Regardless, as your advocate, we reached out to the hotel on your behalf and asked for an exception. The hotel manager did not waive their cancellation penalty due to the late date of the request. We have since contacted the hotel to further inquire about the reason for the denial of your request, and they have stated that since the reservation was already in the penalty window, no refund was allowed.

  • miss m

    No Mr ho is in wrong n needs to not point finger. He knew what his policy was wen he made the rez, he hasta take responsibility

  • Barbara Nick

    Our family is having almost the same problem with Expedia! Ours involves two airline tickets that the Expedia rep said we could cancel without penalty because of the drastic flight time change that occurred. After it was canceled, guess what? Expedia said no refund! Left without a ticket, a credit or a refund, we asked Expedia to stand behind what their rep told us. Amazingly in this digital age, the second half of our conversation where the rep told us it was fully refundable couldn’t be found on the tape! Heading to arbitration now because we’re out over $1100. Expedia doesn’t have good customer service, so steer clear! We’ll never use them again and I’m spreading the warning to all who will listen.