6 best car rental companies of 2013


This year’s race for best car rental company wasn’t even close. Hertz took a commanding lead from the beginning and never let go, crossing the finish line first. (Note: Here’s the latest best car rental company list.)

Readers voted Hertz the agency with the combination of best service and prices. They also lauded it for it conservative approach to damage claims, noting that it pursued only cases where it was certain the damage was caused by a customer.

It was followed by Enterprise, the largest car rental agency, and Avis. National and Alamo, two other brands owned by Enterprise, gave that company a dominant presence in this year’s top 6 list of car rental companies.

Here’s the full list:

1. Hertz
2. Enterprise
3. Avis
4. National
5. Budget
6. Alamo

Congratulations to the winners.

Christopher Elliott

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  • Jesus Brito

    I find Enterprise to be most accommodating, have shortest wait time and best value. Watchout for rapacious extra hour and extra day prices from car rental co. with low ball estimates.

  • Jeff Pahls

    ***HERTZ HEMET, CA.***
    ***THIS PLACE IS A JOKE*** Here’s the break down. I needed a car this weekend due to mine being in the shop. I had plans with my daughter for a fun father daughter weekend. I made my reservation online and set an early appointment at 2pm just in case there was any issues I would have time to straighten anything out. I paid for the weekend online, I received a confirmation email stating all charges and the amount due at the time of pick up. Smooth sailing so far. I arrive at Hertz about 15 minutes before my scheduled reservation. I wait around until 2pm (the time of my reservation) sit down in the office, go through all the normal procedures, give them my licence, they run my credit card, everything is good. Time to get a car, then they decide to tell me that THEY HAVE NO CARS!!! They tell me I should go home and that they will call me when a car comes in. They informed me that when I come back, we will do a quick walk around and I’ll be on my way. I then go home (30 mins away) sit on my couch, then get a call. My car is ready. I then call up another friend and arrange a ride. I get back down there just after 530pm, they then have me sit in the waiting room until after 6pm. I get called in then they decide they need to go through the whole process again, get my licence and run my credit card. This time they tell me they need an ADDITIONAL $200 for the deposit. I told they I only put enough money on the card to cover the total price of the rental and an additional $100 incase I decided to get any insurance. I was never at any time informed of a deposit. The confirmation email CLEARLY states that my card will be charged $55.08 at time of pick up. I was then told that they would be unable to help me. So NOW, here I am, stuck 20 miles from home, no car, my ride dropped me off and was already back at his house. I have no way to get my daughter. They kept me waiting so long that all the other rental places were closed. Not that I could even rent another car because I was already charged for the rental from Hertz!!!

    P.S. Corporate office is closed on the weekends!

    P.S.S. I rent A LOT of cars while I travel for work which is VERY, VERY often!!! I typically deal with Enterprise. Decided to give Hertz a shot. WORST DECISION EVER!!!