Who are the top twitter personalities in travel?

This one was a squeaker. The leader-board changed several times from the time the finalists were announced on Tuesday to the end of polling on Friday afternoon.

In the end, a solo travel blogger on an open-ended trip around the world for National Geographic Traveler, a respected hotel blogger, and a well-known TV personality took the top three spots.

1. @WheresAndrew
2. @AnnieFitz
3. @petersgreenberg
4. @JourneyWoman
5. @Heather_Poole
6. @barbdelollis
7. @NathanKam
8. @TravelBlggr
9. @crankyflier
10. @LandLopers
11. @EarthXplorer
12. @FrequentlyFlyin
13. @CruiseRadio

Congratulations to all the winners.

I’ll have updates on next year’s list on my own Twitter account.

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