12 travel bloggers you should read in 2012

Note: The 2013 list is out! Here it is.

Which travel bloggers should you read in 2012?

I asked. And you answered.

And how! In a relatively slow, pre-holiday week, a total of 6,085 readers voted from a selection of 24 top travel bloggers you nominated.

Before I get to the winners, a few words about why I conduct these polls every year: I’m curious. I want to know what travelers are reading — and I want to help them figure out which travel blogs are worth following.

By the way, I’ve also published a list of 12 travel Twitter personalities worth following.

Here are the top 12 travel bloggers in the order of votes received:

1. Peter Greenberg
2. Johnny Jet
3. The Everywhereist
4. Digital Nomad
5. Go Big or Go Home
6. Go Visit Hawaii
7. Annie Fitzsimmons
8. Tim Leffel
9. Uncornered Market
10. Europe Up Close
11. Camels and Chocolate
12. Delicious Baby

I was a little surprised by the results. If you review the nominees, you’ll find some big names in the travel industry. I would have expected them to receive a number of votes proportional to their fame. Not all of them did.

At the same time, some up-and-coming travel bloggers who aren’t yet household names scored remarkably well. I guess it just goes to show that the rules are very different online, and that the only predictable thing is the unpredictability of the results.

(This poll wasn’t without a little drama. Early on, we had a report of ballot box irregularities. I immediately consulted with Zoomerang, which hosts our polls, and adjustments were made. I’ve been assured that the final results are legitimate.)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott is an author, journalist and consumer advocate. You can read more about him on his personal website or contact him at chris@elliott.org. Got a question or comment? You can post it on the new forum.

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  • KenGreig

    Congratulations to the top four.

  • http://www.aviatorsandacamera.com/ Kirsten Alana

    I don’t trust polls like this to tell me who to read in the sense of who is the “best”. It wouldn’t make any sense. — That being said, you do have a few of my favorites on here and several I didn’t yet know about. Always nice to see those who are deserving receive recognition as well as discover new names.

  • http://www.scenewithahart.com/ Fidel

     I agree with Kirsten. The “best” is all relative but there a lot of great travel bloggers/photographers who are worth reading. I like lists like these to show me people I might not be aware of and add to my reading list. Reading blogs over the past year has replaced my obsession with buying Lonely Planets, DKs and Rick Steves books, so I want to thank all of you for saving me a ton of money.

  • http://www.europeupclose.com europeupclose

    Thanks to our readers for the nomination and the votes. We are proud to be among this group.

  • Tomasz22

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  • FamiliesGo

    hope to add @familiesgo to the group next year!

  • Costanza Saglio

    congratulation! please let’s check http://thetraveleater.com too!!

  • julio_sz

    Hey, did you also include my travel blog? If not, you should do it for the next year! :) Anyway, those list are quite interesting, never heard of them! http://www.best-of-european-union.eu

  • http://camelsandchocolate.com/ CamelsAndChocolate

    Thanks for including me on your list, Chris! Hope to cross paths with you again soon.

  • http://twitter.com/simmo108 Graham Simmons

    A great list! In particular, the blog Uncornered Market (number nine on your list) gives not just information but sheer inspiration. See also Travel Lessons (www.globaltravelwriters.com/blog/ )

  • http://twitter.com/BohemianTrails Bohemian Trails

    Congrats to everyone on the list! Would have loved to have made the list 

  • http://twitter.com/abhishektch abhishektch

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  • Conan Hatch

    Thanks for the list of blogs. It is helpful to have a list like this so that our time can be used properly and focused on research. There are so many travel blogs on the internet that you can get tired of trying to find the right information. Authority sites like these also help to provide trustworthy info.

  • nicolenewblack

    Agreed Kirsten (shame I wont meet you in Berlin this weekend but you will have a blast) As a blogger I often get discouraged because bloggers of color seem to always be excluded from list like these. There are great bloggers of every shade but we are often overlooked or just ignored by the mainstream blogging community. Not accusing anyone of anything, it’s just an observation. Hopefully time will tell a different tale. Keep yoour eyes peeled!

  • http://www.aviatorsandacamera.com/ Kirsten Alana

    This is why I try not to make lists. It’s a dangerous game. However, I agree with you that I think times are changing. I certainly hope they are and for the record – I would never ever view color or race as a means to exclude anyone from a list. It’s a shame that anyone would.

  • nick abreu

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  • frozen_mercury

    Great list – lots of new blogs to follow and glean inspiration from!  I love the blogs about giving it all up to go travel, but sometimes find the disconnect from my own lifestyle too much.  I write a travel blog about finding time to travel and fulfill my travel bucket list WITHOUT having to sacrifice my job, my family, and my regular life.  Check it out! 

  • http://travellingnerd.com/ Travelling Nerd

    Having recently started a new travel blog myself, it’s nice to take a look at other examples and see what other travel bloggers are doing. Maybe I’ll make the list myself one year. :)

  • Incentive_Travel

    I have heard of 7 of these… the other 5 are new to me. Thank you for the list… I will check them out! Incentive Travel

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