How to find your adoring travel blogging audience (and keep it)

You're missing a key ingredient to your super-successful travel blog: your audience.

New on On Your Side: more appliance contacts!

We can't leave well enough alone. Our researches have been hard at work adding to the appliance category. I'm happy to share the results today.
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The Travel Troubleshooter: Airline won’t refund my ticket after my husband dies

After Ursula Maul’s husband passes away suddenly, she tries to get a refund for his nonrefundable ticket. But neither her online agency, nor her airline, will help her. Does she have any other options?

New on Elliott: The three levels of scam, more problems solved and your chance to support this site – Sponsored by TripInsurance.com

Before I get into the terrific content I have lined up for this issue, a few words about money. Consumer […]

How to be a travel blogger: And now, a few words about money

Let's talk about money.

Case dismissed: Airlines “steal” from us — why can’t we steal from them?

You don't have to be a regular reader of this site to know that airlines are trying wring more ancillary fees from their customers. Or that customers are fighting back.

Here are the reporting resources you’ll need to become a successful travel blogger

OK, you have your topic and some of the basic tools. Now it's time to find the content for your incredibly successful travel blog.