Department of Homeland Security: Your subpoena “is no longer necessary”

The Department of Homeland Security has withdrawn a subpoena that would have required me to furnish it with all documents related to the Dec. 25 TSA Security Directive published on this Web site.

Happy New Year — from all of us

And what a year it's been.

10 travel blogs you should bookmark in 2010

Which 10 blogs should you bookmark next year?

Full text of my subpoena from the Department of Homeland Security

We had just put the kids in the bathtub when Special Agent Robert Flaherty knocked on my front door with a subpoena. He was very polite, and used "sir" a lot, but he said he just wanted a name: Who sent me the security directive?

TSA’s “layered” approach to security and what it means to you

The Transportation Security Administration's campaign to confuse airline passengers has intensified. After posting a revised statement and Q&A about Northwest Airlines Flight 253 to its Web site yesterday that essentially said nothing, travelers are expressing frustration with the agency that's supposed to safeguard America's transportation systems.

Travel insurance claim denied, denied, denied — oh, never mind!

Here’s a truly strange case, brought to you by the H1N1 virus and our friends at Access America. You might […]

What’s new on Elliott: A la carte anarchy, flying in the snow and trouble with resort fees

Avoiding a la carte anarchy. Plus, more on the new TSA restrictions and how to get your travel insurance company to say "yes."